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With close to 10 years experience in the education sector it-fl are able to create training packages suitable for all levels of users in a wide range of software. As professional IT educators we are able to confidently deliver, or create training packages for bespoke software applications within a short turnaround period. We are also able to create learning resources to support your new product.

We can tailor our service to suit your level of requirement or the size of your organisation; for instance, we can combine training with other customers to reduce your costs to a simple hourly figure. We can host training sessions for up to 60 people at a time if required, or if preferred, we can conduct the training at your place of business.

IT Training at it-fl
The training staff @ it-fl have experience of educating a vast range of abilities and ages; much of it accrued through the education sector where training has been provided to both students and staff. We have specific expertise as well as an adaptable skill set that can be readily moulded to suit your requirements.

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Group size

We can adjust our service to suit your requirements; from one-to-one training to classes of 50 or more people. This can be done at your place of business or at one of our approved venues.



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We have vast experience of Microsoft products and educate to an advanced level in all Office products. This includes database and spreadsheet technologies. We can also produce spreadsheets and databases for your companies use; please see the IT Consultancy section.

Our expertise is not limited to Office. We have extensive experience of design applications including the Adobe Suite of software. We can also introduce you to programming concepts or specific languages.

If you are a developer, or a company with a bespoke application, we can readily produce training material or support documentation.




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We are currently developing a range of specific certification related to our educational practice. We are also hoping to become an affiliated examination centre so that we can provide you with high level qualifications.