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About it-fl

it-fl are a multidisciplinary freelance consultancy service specialising in data management and web systems.

Our client base has spread across Europe and in to the Middle East. To not allow geography to limit us we use remote access and one-to-one meetings. If you are outside of the UK please email us to make initial contact about your project.

As a multidisciplinary service we have proven expertise supported by relevant qualifications in teaching, Psychology and Computer Science. We also have close ties to a range of other providers that we can utilise to ensure that you receive the best service possible. This means that we can confidently and efficiently manage any project that wish us to undertake, regardless of size and duration. We can also work with other agencies as appropriate, and can work to third-party specifications.

If you are a school looking for support with your data management or VLE then you should contact us today.

Thank you,

it-fl team